Lavender Harvester MKL 3R for trailer

Lavender Harvester MKL 3R for trailer

MKL 3R  is a harvester designed to cut lavender by means of one-side header mounted to the tractor and transporting band moving the cut lavender from the header to the hitched trailer.

A special mechanical unit lifts up the plants directly from the ground and the wave-shaped rubber band attracts them to the cutting device. Being cut, they are taken up by a moving transporter band which carries them to the trailer at the rear part of the tractor.

MKL 3R is driven by hydraulics. The steering is manual through a joystick and 12V electrical power is activating the electromagnetic distributor.

Productivity    0.68 acre/hour (0.30 hectars/hour)
Tractor speed   3.0 km/h
Cutting height from the ground level
minimum   0.1 m
maximum   0.55 m
Distance between lavender rows   1.4 m (0.7 м, 1.6 m)
Maximum opening of the header   0.8 m
Inclination of the header arms   from 0 to - 30 degrees
Inclination of the header frame   from +15 to - 15 degrees
Type of cutting   movable knife and fixed counter-knife

Driving type: Hydraulic - working pressure flow, independent from the tractor

  • Header, including attchment to the tractor
  • Band transporter 5.2 m
  • Support frame with hydraulic drive – complete
  • Tow class 1.4 
  • Power at least 80 h.p.
  • Track - 1.4 meters


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