Machine for cultivating Roses in rows – automatic FOR-02A

Machine for cultivating Roses in rows – automatic FOR-02A

The Machine for cultivating Roses in rows is designed to hoeing and breaking the soil between the plants in order to remove weeds.

FOR-02A is an automatic unit mounted to the 3-point linkage system of the tractor (front or rear) and it's driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The steering is manual by means of a joystick of 12V.

FOR-02A allows:

  • To position the cultivating heads to a width of cultivating up to 3.3 meters
  • to transport the Machine hitched on the 3-point linkage packed to the size of the tractor.
  • setting of the height of the cultivating head according to the slope and/or the desired depth of cultivation.
  • side shift of the cultivating head around the plants is automatic and based on a “copying” their position principle. and hydraulic, and there is also an opportunity to operate the heads from the command board.

All operations are driven hydraulically from the cabin of the tractor and command board.

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Model   FOR 02A
Working width   up to 3.3 meters
Diameter of cultivating head   0.25m
Cultivating depth   0.05 - 0.13m
Hydraulic system of the tractor   40 L/minute at 100 bars
Electric supply to the command board   12V DC
Mounting to the tractor   3-point linkage system
Number of cultivating heads   
Side shift of the heads   automatic system
Weight of the machine   400kg

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